As our Mission states:

Genesis exists to glorify God by assisting Christian home schooling families to equip their children to impact both the body of Christ and the culture with a Biblical worldview (as described in the Statement of Faith) by developing communication and critical thinking skills. We accomplish this through ongoing instruction, coaching and public speaking opportunities pursued in the context of Christian love.

Genesis does not require students to compete, but does strongly encourage competition as a way of striving for excellence. There are a variety of homeschool forensics leagues that offer competition events. Genesis assists students wishing to compete as much as possible.

Genesis provides links to the events for both NCFCA and Stoa as a courtesy to its members. Genesis does not advocate one league in particular and encourages student participation in competition regardless of the league.

*For YouTube video examples of NCFCA speeches, see our
Speech Video Examples page

NCFCA General Speech Information


It is the ultimate responsibility of the student and his or her parent to assure that all speeches follow the rules of the respective competition league. It is important to note that students can be disqualified for rules violations. It is best to consult the league's speech committee if you have any questions regarding the rules for an event. Those contacts can be found on the league's website.

Below you will find links to the event rules for NCFCA and Stoa.

Platform Speeches

Platform Speeches are speeches scripted entirely by the student on a variety of subjects. The time limit is generally 10 minutes, and rules include

Examples include, but not limited to:

Original Oratory (a speech on any topic of interest to the student)

Expository/Illustrated Oratory (a speech on any topic enhanced by visual aides)

Persuasive (a speech on any topic with the goal of persuading)

Limited Preparation Speeches

Just as the name implies, Limited Preparation Speeches allow for some preparation in advance - but the primary goal is for the student to construct a speech on a given topic in a specified period of time.

Examples include, but not limited to:

Impromptu (students are given 2 minutes to prepare a 5 minute speech on a randomly drawn topic)

Apologetics (defending the Christian Faith)

Extemporaneous (current events)

Interpretive Speeches

Interpretive events allow the student to "interpret" a piece of literature that may be cut to fit the time limit of 10 minutes. Students use their creativity to make the piece of literature come to life.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

Duo Interpretation (a piece of literature is performed by two people, who are not permitted to look at or touch each other)

Humorous Interpretation (a humorous piece of literature performed by an individual student)

Original Interpretation (an individual student performs literature written by him or herself).

Wild Card Events

Leagues may offer "Wild Card Events" on a rotating basis to expand and challenge students' speaking ability.

League Websites